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Top 5 Useful Tips When Buying Attic Stairs

 People who use their attic for storage require attic stairs for easier access. The installation of these stairs can be done by a moderately experienced mobile home contractor. The stairs are bought as pre-assembled kits that can be picked up or ordered at home centers or supply stores. There are very many attic stair options, and homeowners should choose the type that suits their needs best. The following are some factors you may consider to settle for the best choice.

Orientation and spacing

Most attic stairs are designed to fit gap of over 24 inches on-center framing. Additional framing or stairs may be required if the gap is over 24 inches, but you overcome this problem if your house has a 2x framing. This is because you will be only required to cut the joints and surround them using a rough double-header opening.


Most attic stairs are made to provide access between the existing framings of the ceiling. The existing access hole require little enlargement to fit properly and tightly. Homeowners should take advantage of this convenience by choosing attic stairs with small fixing holes. In addition, it is good to ensure the bottom of the chosen attic stairs rests on a stable spot to enhance safety.

Length and weight

Attic stairs come in different length and weight depending on the material used. Homeowners should measure the distance between the floor and ceiling, so as to buy the appropriate size. It is also imperative to buy attic stairs that can safely handle twice the weight of the heaviest load and people who will be using the stairway. The minimum acceptable weight is 250 pounds, although 300-pound capacity is much better.


Various attic stairways feature different types of framing that include 2x lumber and trusses. Attic roofs and floors with truss framing and interlocking system require attic stairs that can be installed without cutting any component of the framing. 2x framing attic roofs and floors can be joined with most types of attic stairs since they can be reorganized easily. Nevertheless, it is advisable to seek professional before buying your attic stairs if your houses feature trusses along the way you want to install your stairs.

Insulation and material

Attic access attic stairs are possible sources of cooled and heated air loss in your home. You can stop this by applying self-adhesive weather stripping foam around the frames. The foam acts an insulator and makes your stairs more effective. The stairs can be made of wood, steel and aluminum. Wood and aluminum stairs are better than steel attic stair since they are more resistant to corrosive factors.

Product Examples

1) 25x54 Attic Pull Down Stairway, R-50 Insulation: ($149.59 and free shipping) (

It is shipped and sold by Battic Door Energy Conservation Products. It comes with a cover that reduces wasted energy and drafts. It is made from cycled materials and works all round the year even during the winter and the summer.

2) Century Aluminum Folding Attic Stairway: ($610.05)  (

It is sold and dispatched from It is made of supreme aluminum with a tri-fold design, stiles and heavy duty aluminum steps. It features a double riveted construction that adds safety and stability. The pivotal floor pad and adjustable stiles makes the stairs lighter and very easy to install. It is rust resistant and comes fully assembled and ready for installation.

3) Werner Compact Attic Stairs: ($94.59 and $12.29 for shipping) (

It is sold and shipped from Great Household. It is a lightweight attic stairway that is easy-to-open and close with included assist pole. It can be installed with small openings for easier access to the untapped attic space. It is ideal for closets, hallways and other tight untapped storage spaces.

4) Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Stairway 350 Pound Capacity 22.5-Inch by 54-Inch Opening Ceiling Height 7-Foot-9-Inches to 10-Foot: ($169.00 and free shipping) (

It is sold and shipped from It is a lightweight aluminum stairway, which is designed to offer access to the additional attic storage space. It eliminates door slamming to provide greater access storage. It is fitted with extra insulating panels that prevent heat loss or gain.

5) Deluxe (Larch) Wooden Loft Stairway with Twin Handrails - Frame 1100 x 700mm - Floor to Ceiling heights up to 2.8m - Free Next Working Day Delivery: ($139.99) (

It is sold by and dispatched from BPS Access Solutions. It features twin matching handrails, a weight rating of 23.5 stone, durable larch wood and mortise jointed steps that provide extra strength.

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