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Some Interesting Backyard Heating Options

To keep yourself and your visitors warm during the evenings or when the weather conditions are not conducive, it is important for mobile home owners to have a variety of easy to install and use backyard heating solutions. The market is awash with such products and depending on the backyard heating options you are looking for; there are several products which a home owner can use to heat his or her backyard. They include and are not limited to the following:

1) Patio Heaters

Product Name: Fire Sense -Patio Heater

Price: $ 253.26

Web URL: http://is.gd/mKfdCk

Product Details: This Portable patio heater weighs around 67 pounds and has a depth and width of 20 inches on the base and 32 inches on the hood and a height of 89 inches. It has an auto safety shut off and is sold with a one year warranty on both labor and parts. Whichever way you look at it, this is the perfect way of extending your backyard entertainment. It produces a whopping 46,000 BTUs using the standard 20lb. propane tank. For easy mobility it does include a set of wheels. The very stylish and modern square design is bound to enhance and fully accent any patio décor. The product also comes a very reliable Piezo igniter and a tried and tested tip over protection safety feature. It has a gas heater power source and also uses a convection heater type.In its category it is by far one of the most efficient products in the market.

2) Fire Pits

Product Name: Patina Products - Flower and Garden 31-Inch Fire pit

Price: $ 229.99

Web URL: http://is.gd/IIRq1f

Product Details: this product is ideal for outdoor use and comes with a safety ring. It has a height of 16 inches and a diameter of 24 inches weighing approximately 50lbs. This fire pit is further supported with a 5 year limited warranty. The 31 inch fire pit is normally sold with a spark screen, a BBQ grill and a weather cover to protect the pit against the vagaries of nature. For ease of management it does also have an easy to use poker.

3) Fire Bowls

Product Name: UniFlame Hex Shaped Outdoor Fire Bowl with Lattice

Price: $ 128.32

Web URL: http://is.gd/vVGWGm

Product Details: it does provide the desired ambience of an interior fireplace to the outdoors with a beautiful oil rubbed finish and all done in a classy lattice design. It can complement any outdoor décor and is quite portable. It is sold with an easy to use and lift spark guard while the included bowl is around 24 inches wide, giving you enough space to light up the wood burning fire pit. The steel construction on the other hand ensures durability. It measures 24 x 24 x 24.8 inches and weighs 16.3 pounds.

4) Outdoor Fireplaces

a) Product Name: Mirage Stone Outdoor Gas Burning Fireplace

Price: $ 1699.00

Web URL: http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Outdoor/Outdoor-Gas-Fireplaces/Mirage-Stone-Outdoor-Gas-Burning-Fireplace

Product Details: This unit does feature a simple yet very functional and effective interlocking construction system which can be completely sealed with the included 10 inch gasket so as to ensure the complete elimination of smoke which can escape from the seams in the unit. The product is made using a lightweight yet very durable stone material that stands out as a good dissipater of heat. It is best installed in a prepped site that’s level: if the site is not level the gaps in the foundation can cause some gaps in the blocks which may lead to instances of smoke escaping from the seams.

b) Product Name: CalFlame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace

Price: $ 2307.69

Web URL: http://www.woodlanddirect.com/Outdoor/Outdoor-Gas-Fireplaces/CalFlame-FRP908-Outdoor-Fireplace

Product Details: with a very gentle flourish and grand lines, this fireplace does bring the nice indoor comfort to your great outdoors. It does by all means preserve that very domestic charm of hearth and home while providing you with an entirely new experience every time you use it. This product comes in a sturdy one piece construction in a stunning 304 commercial grade frame made from stainless steel. It is a 30 inch firebox made from fiberglass and fitted with an 18 inch grate which does include a 6 piece log set. One can choose between a classy cultured stone finish and modern stucco. The beauty of this product can further be enhanced with a custom mantel and a really nice tiled hearth. A real masterpiece for those who appreciate the comfort one can get from the great outdoors.

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