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Basement Escape Ladders And How To Choose A Good One

Whether you have an upcoming basement remodeling project or you just completed building you house and there is a basement with some usable room space, one of the most important factors to think about is your safety as well as that of your property. As much as your house could be equipped with all the disaster management systems, sensors, and automatic responses to potential hazards such as fire emergencies, you can never be too prepared. As you are going one with the remodeling or reconstruction project, it is important to incorporate safety into the plan, by including adequate exit points such as window wells. This is where an escape ladder comes in as one of the most important tools or fixtures in such a scenario.

Just like it is recommended by the NFPA that room above the ground floor in homes be equipped with fire escape ladders, Basement Escape Ladders are also essential for homes that have basements. In the case of such a disaster, you won’t end up getting stuck in your basement if you have a convenient escape route. An escape ladder for your basement provides you with an alternative route to escape residential emergencies, making it easy for you to get out of the building through the basement the window well. When choosing an escape ladder for your basement, there are a number of things to consider and factor in regarding your safety. This article provides more details about escape ladders for basements and reveals to you some tips on picking a good one before you go shopping.

Decide On the Best Type for You

There are basically, two main options of home escape ladders in terms of their design. These are portable and fixed ladders. In some texts, fixed ladders are also known as permanent ladders.

Fixed/Permanent Escape Ladders: just like the name suggests, permanent ladders are built or affixed permanently against the wall or part of the building structure such as against the window well in basements. Some are designed such as they are flexible or foldable so as to make them less conspicuous. You can pull it up or push it out to make it usable.

Portable Escape Ladders: This is the most commonly preferred option for homeowners, especially for storied buildings and homes with basements. This is because they are relatively cheaper and do not require too much work to use. They are easily portable, meaning that one can carry it and use it to climb up or down another area during an emergency. Most homeowners like placing the ladder just near the window well or escape window for the convenience of reaching it in case it is required during emergencies. Since escape ladders are available in wide varieties options to choose from, there are a few more things to consider before choosing one, even after opting for a portable option. It needs to be designed such that it is easy to mount and use, lightweight, able to offer a stable support, and so on.

Suitable Design and Hooks:

To use the basement escape ladder conveniently during an emergency, it should allow you to easily slip the top hooks over the window well, dropping the rungs towards the outside for easy escape. The hooks should fit your window and the rungs easy to drop down the outside.

Lightweight but Stable:

It should also be constructed from a lightweight material such as aluminum to allow easy grabbing and deployment. However, it should also be sturdy enough to support the weight of a standard adult. As a matter of fact, some of the best escape ladders are able to support more than one individual, say up to 800 pounds.

Suitable Size:

The ladder height is also important. It should be long enough to suit the need. About 2 feet or 40 inches can do for most basements.

Slip-Free Steps:

In addition, look for a ladder that has slip-proof rungs or step to minimize the risks of slipping and falling during use.

Product Examples

1: 3-Step Aluminum Basement Window Well Egress Escape Ladder
• Buy From: Home Depot
• Price: $49.86 /each
• Link: https://is.gd/e5EiZb

2: Basement Window 4-Step Galvanized Steel Emergency Escape Ladder with 300 lb. Weight Capacity
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $78.51
• Link: https://is.gd/YhHoxo

3: 3-Step Aluminum Basement Window Well Egress Escape Ladder
• Buy From: safetywell.com
• Price: $49.95
• Link: https://is.gd/J6tnqd

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