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Signs That Your Exterior Cellar Door Needs Replacement

It is likely that an idea of decorative sliding or French wood door on a walkout basement comes into your mind when you think of exterior cellar doors. Most of these doors are designed for basement access through basement stairs from the outside. They may be strictly utilitarian with a simple design or provide high visual impact with complex designs that add decor of the room. Cellar doors are just like other doors when it comes to need for replacement. It is thus important for homeowners to replace them once signs of wear and tear start showing. Homeowners can tell it is time to replace their cellar doors by looking at the following signs.

1) Improper door functioning: It is likely your door is not functioning properly if it makes noise. Cellar doors that creak or hinge that squeak are signs that there is a problem. Trusty oils may be used although they solve the problem temporarily hence a bandage for problems that will persist. Be sure to repair them to make your home secure.

2) Damages: Cellar doors damages makes it hard to open them. They can occur after carrying heavy loads that may make them wrap or sag or long exposure in a corrosive environment. They may require more effort to open and make your basement more vulnerable.

3) Signs of wear and cracks: There is no doubt that your door needs replacement if it has visible cracks. Cracks allow in drafts and bugs, and they are indicators that your structure is weak and needs replacement.

4) After remodeling your home: Most home owners remodel their homes from time to time to improve its design. The basement should also be improved during this process to give you to match the new design of your house. You may decide to re-paint your cellar door or buy a new one depending on its condition.

It is wise for home owners to replace their rust-ridden or damaged cellar door into a weather-proof and efficient entrance to their basement. Old cellar doors are hazardous since they can collapse easily under someone’s weight. They should be replaced with strong and durable cellar doors that will provide the necessary safety as well as security in your home. There are different models that come with options and sizes which you can use to replace your door. Below are some cellar door product examples that you may consider:

1) Ultra Series 55x72 inches Driftwood Plastic Basement Door (http://is.gd/GOxQCw ): It costs $799.00 with free shipping. It comes with a new design that is convenient for direct basement access. It is safe and easy to operate with weather-tight performance. Its dimensions are 72x55x19.5 inches. It is made of plastic with a driftwood finish and it is returnable within 90 days.
2) Gordon 48-1/2" x 66-1/2" Primed Steel Sloped Foundation Basement Door (http://is.gd/iCgow1): Its brand name is Gordon Cellar Doors and it costs $384.00. It has an outside frame of 48-1/2" x 66-1/2" and comes with installation instructions. It has a 12-gauge steel construction that makes it strong and durable. It is designed for a sloped foundation to your house. It has quality Alkyd coating which is long lasting and smooth.

3) 44-1/2 inch Primed Red Steel Cellar Door (http://is.gd/TTPFRW): It costs $377.69 with free shipping. It is made of heavy gage steel that is durable and galvanized. It has stainless steel hinges with thick construction that makes it suitable for residential and commercial use. Its dimensions are 62x44.5x1.5 inches and weighs 105 lbs. It has a prime finish and comes with a manufacturer warranty of 5 year on all parts.

4) Sloped Wall 55.25x78 inches Primed Steel Basement Door (http://is.gd/L4eQNv): It costs $559.00with free shipping. They are designed in a way that makes them easy for installation on poured concrete and sidewalls of block, stone or brick. It measures 74.5x55.25x1 inches and weighs 186 lbs.

5) Classic Series 51x64 inches Light Gray Powder Coated Steel Basement Door (http://is.gd/eRNm9w): It costs $ 659.00 and provides home owners with additional complaint living space and storage space for home items such as furniture and game tables for finished areas. It has a superior finish that is better than conventional paint. It measures 63x51x22 inches and weighs 179 lbs. It has a light gray finish that matches with most basement colors.

6) Gordon 53" x 71" Primed Steel Flat Foundation Basement Door (http://is.gd/CWJiMg): It costs $369.00 and homeowners can purchase optional accessories such as Gordon 18" Primed Steel Extension for CD-3 Basement Door with a variation of 12 gauge steel extension. It has an outside frame that measures 53x71x19.5 inches. It has a shipping weight and dimensions of 60x26x20 inches and 170.0 lbs respectively.

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