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Practical High End Refrigerator Shopping Tips

Chances are that you haven’t shopped for refrigerator in a long while, so you may not be aware of the current technical advancements that come with new high end refrigerators. When choosing a high end unit, there are certain factors you have to take into consideration.

Generally, there are several types of refrigerators in the market. These include the bottom/top freezer which are the traditional models with a freezer either being at the bottom or top and the refrigerator being either top or bottom as well. They are ideal for tight spaces since the reversible doors can swing right or left. The side by side refrigerator is also quite popular, with similar size freezer and refrigerator compartments running side by side. This is also ideal for kitchens that have space constraints. The French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer typically has French door configurations which open from the middle to reveal a top refrigerator compartment with a door to access the freezer. There is also the counter depth fridge which is a very stylish unit that sits flush with the cabinet fronts, providing the homeowner with a built-in look without the built in price tag. Finally there is the 4 door French door and the door in door units which are also quite popular.

You should also pay close attention to the refrigerator size and capacity. Always make a point of measuring the depth, width and height of the space where you intend to keep your new fridge will be. Ensure that there is proper airflow around the unit once it has been installed. It is also advisable to take into account your food buying habits before you buy a unit, in the event that you buy more fresh foods than you do frozen foods then you are better off having more storage space than freezer space and vice versa.

Many people get disappointed when after purchasing their refrigerator, it doesn’t look like the one they saw in the advert. This usually boils down to how the unit is organized and arranged inside. Try and get a unit that has adjustable glass shelves that slide in and out within the unit’s cavity. You should also get shelves that easily flip vertically from the hinges. Most high end units will also come fitted with humidity control drawers that display the vegetables and fruits clearly whilst keeping them fresh with the customized humidity settings. A good unit should also have oversize door bins which can efficiently store juice, milk as well as two liter bottles of soda, making them easy to access and taking no shelf space. Whenever possible, ensure that the fridge does have pantry drawers which can be used to create a separate temperature zone for snacks and party trays.

Depending on the needs of your home, you should consider a unit that has dual cooling system which allows the freezer to circulate cool air separately from the fridge, this ensures that you ice doesn’t take the smell of the units content. To keep the air in the unit fresh, go for a unit that has an air filtration system that incorporates a built in carbon filters. To further save space, get a unit that has indoor ice storage, these usually free up more freezer space by simply moving the ice bin from the interior of the freezer to the door.

Finally, all high end units are energy saving models with the ENERGY STAR™ to show for this. These are usually referred to as qualified models and use twenty percent (20%) less energy than non-qualified brands. This is bound to save you a wad of cash on utility bills. Here are some of the high end refrigerators readily available in the market:

1) Product Name: Jenn- Air 36 Fully Integrated Built-in Bottom Freezer

Product Price: $ 7399.00

Product URL:

Product Details: featuring the unique obsidian interior, this unit does offer a fully flush and integrated design. It does also give the unit that distinct, fresh and frozen food climates which ensure that your vegetables and fruits are kept at optimum freshness.

2) Product Name: 36 Inch French door Bottom Freezer with Professional Handles

Product Price: $ 8267.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit comes preassembled with a flat stainless steel panel as well as professional handles and panels.

3) Product Name: 36” Built-In Over and Under Refrigerator/ Freezer

Product Price: $ 9635.00

Product URL:

Product Details: with dual refrigeration, your food is bound to remain fresher for longer. It does also have an air purification system that fights odors and spoilage as well as microprocessor control which ensures peak performance.

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