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Important Tips On Buying High End Stoves

Shopping for a new stove can be quite difficult, especially so if you are keen on getting a high end unit that’s not only well built but also oozes class and style. Long gone are the days when your options were limited to either a gas or electric stove, many manufacturers have much more to offer than this. The key is to find a unit that offers you the usability, accessibility and overall quality associated with a high end product. To ensure that you get a unit that not only meets but surpasses your needs, here are some important factors worth taking a look at.

It is important that you clearly identify your needs and requirements before investing in a high end unit, because these units don’t come cheap and most can even be customized to meet your specifications, getting it wrong in terms of needs and requirements can be a very expensive affair. Ask yourself whether you need a single oven, dual range ovens or even double wall ovens. Knowing these facts is bound to allow you narrow your selection options quite significantly.

You should also know your budget. set your budget from the beginning and be wise when planning your purchase, irrespective of the manufacturer or brand name, virtually all models and brands usually run some promotional campaigns or sales programs where they significantly reduce their prices, this is especially so around the holiday weekends.

Getting the configuration of the unit right from the onset is also very important. Generally, stove designs fall into two basic configurations. These are a cooktop with a counter or separate wall mounted oven or a freestanding range that includes both the cooktop and the oven in a single integrated unit. The slide in stoves fit flush with the cabinetry and feature contour sides which allow the units to easily slide between cabinets, giving you that customized look. On the other hand, the freestanding stoves usually stand between countertops; alternatively, they can be exposed at both or one side. Both configurations have their pros and cons and it is therefore very important to go through them before making a decision.

There are also several fuel type options to choose from. These usually include gas ranges which use natural gas or propane when it has been converted to LP in both the oven and the top burners. Most people prefer the gas stove due to its precision in controlling the heat of the burners as well as its ability to heat up quickly. This type of stove is also quite ideal for high heat cooking techniques. It is important to mention though that before you buy such a gas stove, make sure a code compliant gas connection is available in your home. Electric ranges are also quite popular because they also tend to offer even heating in the oven. They are usually quite responsive as well. The dual fuel range stoves typically feature electric heat in the oven and gas burners on the top, giving you the best of both worlds.

Most high end units are convection stoves. This means that they feature multiple sources which create heat and is fitted with fans that distribute this heat evenly throughout the oven. The result of this is uniform temperatures which ensure even cooking and significantly reduces cooking time as well. Many high end units offer different convection cooking modes such as roast, broil and bake and are fitted with at least two fan speeds as well as several elements which provide consistent heat on every rack. Here is a look at some of the high end stoves readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Dual –Fuel Range with Griddle and Multimode Convection

Product Price:$ 10,049

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit offers the precision of gas and the consistent heat of an electric unit. Fitted with two 20,000BTU burners, the unit does give the homeowner the precision for gentle simmering and the power for high heat cooking.

2) Product Name: Gas Range with Multimode Convection (36 Inches)

Product Price: $ 5599.00

Product URL:

Product Details: fitted with six burners, this 20,000 BTU has simmering burner for delicate cooking and a stacked burner for high heat cooking. It does also have 6 different cooking modes which ensure that the heat is evenly distributed for consistent results.

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