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Some Portable And Easy To Use Hot Tub Accessories

Portable hot tubs are a beautiful addition to any backyard, patio or deck. Mobile home owners interested in purchasing one have several options and providers of hot tub accessories and supplies to choose from. Listed below are some of the products and related accessories:

1) Product Name: Hot Tub Vacuum

Price: $ 34.95

Web URL:

Product Details: This is a hand held vacuum that comes with a wand kit and can be used to quickly remove gravel and sand or any other debris from the hot tub by very gently pumping the handle of the vacuum. You can decide to either use the standard nozzle or use any of the other 4 additional attachments which are included in the kit. It also includes an attachable wall mounting bracket for ease of storage and a leaf skimmer. Once fully assembled, the vacuum has a comfortable height of 4’9’’.

2) Product Name: Two Step 48 Inch Spa Steps

Price: $ 299.99

Web URL:

Product Details: This is a stylish two step spa steps beautifully constructed using some heavy duty redwood material. It does bring bathers at least fourteen (14) inches up the ground, making it easy and safe for users to access the spa very easily. Even though some slight assembly is required for this particular product, it is relatively simple and easy to install and move. When fully assembled, it measures 48 inches in width, 22 inches in depth and 14 inches in height. It is also worth noting that this product is readily available in a variety of colors such as New England Gary, Cedar, Natural or Terracota.

3) Product Name: Spa Cover lifts

Price: $ 134.99

Web URL:

Product Details: it is compatible with almost every above ground spa or hot tub in the market currently. It does not require any drilling into the spa cabinet while fixing and only requires a clearance of 14 inches. Its unique under mount installation allows for installation on whichever side of the spa you prefer. It is ideal for those who are looking for some outdoor privacy.

4) Product Name: CoverShelf Spa Cover Storage

Price: $99.99

Web URL:

Product Details: the easy design allows for easy removal and storage of the spa cover as all you need to do is to fold the cover in half and then slide it onto those sturdy and strong aluminum bars. It works on most conventionally shaped spas and the shelf arms can easily fold flat when they are not in use. The simple design adopted therefore allows for easy removal and storage of the spa cover.

5) Product Name: Handi Steps 29 inches

Price: $ 69.95

Web URL:

Product Details: These Handi steps for spas are developed with versatility in mind: giving you maximum value in the process. They can be used with a variety of spas or hot tubs such as straight sided, round spa or even curved –sided. This can be achieved by simply positioning either the straight step or curved tread in the top position as needed. This product comes in a wide variety of colors apt for the outdoors.

6) Product Name: SPARX Hot Tub Spa Chlorine Free Kit

Price: $ 47.49

Web URL:

Product Details: This is ideal for those hot tub users who are allergic or naturally dislike using chlorine and other related chemicals. This is a SpaRX mineral based chlorine free kit which features the popular SpaRX Down, SpaRX up, SpaRX oxidizer and the SpaRX unit itself, giving users an allergy free, skin friendly chemical for use in your hot tub. This mineral based solution is affordable, easy to use and quite affordable.

7) Product Name: Cover Caddy

Price: $ 174.99

Web URL:

Product Details: it is recognized as one of the must have hot tub accessories and supplies because of its versatility as a cover lift in the industry. It is strong and very durable and can be installed in virtually every spa shape. It comes fully assembled in the box and can be easily attached using the under mount installation or using the included brackets, there is thus no need for holes. It is powder coated to resist corrosion.

8) Product Name: Spa Side Handrail

Price: $129.95

Web URL:

Product Detail: it ranks as one of the best handrail systems in the market currently. It does come with footplate which easily slides under the spa without requiring the need to drill into the cabinet. It also features a battery powered LED mood light which is conveniently located on the very interior curve of this rail system. The rail can also swing out or inside to clear tubs up to lengths of 40 inches high, this advanced rail system is much more stable when compared against its contemporaries and is less likely to cause any damage to the cabinet. The steel construction is coated with carbon gray powder and zinc.

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