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What To Consider While Buying A Hot Tub; How Should You Buy One?

 There are a number of reasons why people buy hot tubs. Not only do hot tubs contribute to the splendour in our homes, but they also relax our muscles and joints while helping to calm down our body and mind. For those who use hot tubs on daily basis, that’s partly the reason why you’ve been having an improved blood circulation and more restful nights, as well. More importantly, hot tubs are just great for entertaining your family and friends. That being said, how should you buy a hot tub that suits your needs perfectly well?

Step 1: Decide on where to place the hot tub

Before you even think of hitting the market for hot tub shopping, you should first decide on where you’re going to place it. Whereas most people prefer installing hot tubs right outside their homes on a deck or patio, you can still install it inside your home—in your master suite, finished basement or an enclosed sun room.

Here are the things to consider while setting a location for your hot tub:

1) Comfortable fit: Of course, your hot tub needs enough room and space to accommodate you as you try to get in or out the tub. To facilitate this, you might need an extra room if you’re installing it inside your house.

2) Sufficient ventilation: Hot tubs create steam, which may in turn bring mildew and a series of other problems if the ventilation is not good enough.

3) An electrical outlet: A great majority of hot tubs need an electrical hook up of about 220v. You might want to consider that before buying one.

Step 2: Shop around

Once you have a location ready, you can go ahead and shop around. Besides price, there are a number of other factors to consider while shopping for a hot tub. And since a tub is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home, take you time to shop for only the best—not the cheapest.

Step 3: Choose a tub that matches both your budget and lifestyle

If the hot tub that you’re intending to buy is only for you and your spouse, then you can settle for a small sized tub. But if you’re intending to buy a tub that will be used for entertaining your guests, then consider going for one that’s a bit larger than the aforementioned tub. By now you must have gathered enough information concerning the different styles and sizes of bath tubs to buy, take that into consideration while selecting a hot tub that suits your lifestyle.

Step 4: Consider other accessories that will enhance your hot tub experience

To enhance you tub experience, you might as well have to consider a number of other accessories that come handy. They include pillows, stereos, steps, TV, DVD, massage chairs, and fibre optic lighting.

Step 5: Have the hot tub tried out before purchasing it

It’s advisable to test the hot tub that you’re intending to buy before making the payments. Fortunately, most dealers do allow their customers to test showroom tubs before buying them. While testing, you can check for comfort, the noise level of jets, size and the simplicity in using the tub controls.

Step 6: Inquire about the maintenance costs

Some tubs have a higher maintenance cost that might end up affecting your cash flow if you buy one. To stay safe, inquire—from your dealer, friends or online forums--about the monthly cost that comes with running the hot tub that you want to buy. After getting all the necessary information you need about a series of tubs, choose one that fits into your monthly budget perfectly well.

Step 7: Take note of financing

A good number of hot tub dealers sell their tubs under hire purchase terms. You might as well have to consider the benefits of acquiring the tub with direct financing instead of hire purchase, because, hey, such dealers usually have higher interest rates than banks. Other purchasing options you have may include acquiring the tub using low-interest credit card or alternatively using a cheque to make payment.

Step 8: Take advantage of discounts or any other special

You dealer might be offering discounts or have other specials that may reduce the amount you spend in acquiring the tub; take advantage of that. If paying cash comes with a reduced amount, don’t opt for hire purchase terms if you can afford to pay for it in cash.

Examples of hot tubs to consider buying:

1) Above ground hot tub priced from $2,000 to $17,000 (

Above-ground hot tubs are not only the most popular type of tubs, there are also ranked among the best. Made from thermal plastic or moulded acrylic, these tubs come in a wide range of features, styles, and prices. The best part is that they don’t require professional services to be installed.  

2) Inflatable hot tub—priced at $586 (

For those who lack enough funds or space to install permanent hot tubs, consider inflatable hot tubs. These tubs can be installed anywhere, since they are completely portable and very easy to store. On the downside, they are the least durable, but cheaper when compared to other models.

3) Cedar-wood hot tub—priced from $6,300 (,

The first hot tub to be made was actually made from wood. Since then, most people still prefer wooden tubs because of their beauty and simplicity. But most importantly, wooden tubs are easy to install and actually offer a wide range of heating options, including gas or wood.

4) Inground hot tubs—priced between $15,000 to $20,000 (

Inground hot tubs are the most expensive type of hot-tubs to buy. They can take weeks to build, but once installed, they’re the most durable models of bath tubs.

5) Lifesmart rock Luna hot tub—price at $ 2,200 (

Lifesmart rock Luna is a hot tub that comes with three seating positions. It has a total of 12 jets and a comfort system of air mixing valves.

6) Intex-Purespa-Bubble-Therap- Inflatable-Portable Hot Tub Spa—priced at $500 (

This hot tub model is easy to maintain since it comes with 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for refreshing the tub water. Made with the durable fiber-TechTm construction that includes the pureSpa and the 48 Fibre-TechTM beams, the tub is strong enough to be sat by the sides for those whole who prefer to dip only their feet in water.

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