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Some Vital Tips On How To Convert A Closet Into A Bar

If you have an under-utilized closet, you should consider turning it into a bar. It is important to note from the onset that there are two main categories of bars; these are dry and wet bar. A dry bar does not have a sink and therefore doesn’t require any plumbing. A wet bar on the other hand does have a sink and therefore requires some plumbing. By their very nature, closets don’t have plumbing and because of this, many people tend to convert them into dry bars. It is possible though to also convert it into a wet bar if you are ready to engage the services of a plumber on the same. Here are some important tips on how to convert a closet into a bar.

When choosing your closet, keep in mind that shallow closets with two doors usually make better dry bars since they offer users more room. You should also consider whether you want to retain the closet doors to hide the bar or whether you want them removed. If you opt to keep them, take into account how they may interfere with the space. Alternatively, you can opt to install sliding doors instead.

You should then clear the closet and remove the rods, shelving and any other hardware which you will not need. You should be careful when removing the installations since you may re-use the shelving and rods elsewhere. Once this has been done, measure the inside of the closet, get accurate measurements of the width, length and height of the closet.

For a simple design, you should have a countertop at waist length to mix drinks and a few shelves above the countertop to store glasses, liquor and other accessories such as jiggers and shakers. Underneath the counter, you can install a small cabinet to keep your wine and a mini-fridge for ice, mixers and beer. For shelves, you can re-organize some existing shelves and readjust others; it is worth mentioning that waist height length is about thirty six (36) inches from the floor. When putting up shelves, keep in mind that shelves holding liquor should have at least a two foot clearance so as to be able to accommodate even bigger bottles.

For closets that are a bit small, you can create the illusion of a larger space by installing some mirrors. These can come in quite handy in making a nook that’s narrow look wider and deeper. When you are purchasing your items, it is important to ensure accuracy so that you have a seamless and trouble free installation process.

Hard-wiring the closet can be quite expensive; it is therefore advisable to add some subdued lighting by installing some battery operated push lights. These are not only affordable but are available in different varieties and are also very easy to install. Choose lights that will cast a soft, nice re-assuring glow that relaxes your mind when you are in the bar. Don’t go for the very bright lights since you do need some privacy in the bar as well.

For the flooring, go for tile or vinyl that is non-slip and moisture free. The flooring should be easy to clean and not show off dirt very fast as well. For a soft feel, you can also get some carpeting which complements the overall décor of the bar. When getting seats for the bar, get comfortable, adjustable seats which can fit people of different heights and weight, your bar should be a comfortable place where and your friends can seat and unwind.

The bar is one place where you can also afford to try out some wild, colorful colors. Go for bright lively colors when you are coloring the space, make the place stylish and indulging by trying out different shades of colors. Alternatively, you can try out some wall paper all around the place; just make sure you get stick-free wall paper which can be easily removed.

Finally, with everything in place, take your time when shopping for your favorite drinks. Apart from buying what you prefer, also take into consideration your probable guests and try to have something for everyone. Go ahead and stock your bar with your favorite drinks and mixers. Create some time and relax after a day of hard work in the office.

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