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Kitchen Cupboard Ideas For Your Remodeling Needs

Kitchen remodeling is a daunting task and one that requires a lot of keenness. The most important part of it is selection and fitting of the ideal kitchen cupboards. Currently, there is a wide variety of kitchen cabinets you can choose from. Some are relatively expensive while of others go at cheap deals. In the same vein, some cupboards are large while others are small. It is therefore your obligation to take into account all the necessary factors before you buy any cupboard for your kitchen.

Below are important kitchen cupboard ideas to help you through.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Kitchen Cupboard

Like earlier stated, a lot of kitchen cupboard brands are in the market today. It is important to note that these brands have varying features hence the need to take into account the following factors:

Material: Currently, the most common material used to make kitchen cupboards is wood. However, there are quite a good number of wood types used to make such cupboards. You can opt to choose from woods like oak, Cherry, Mahogany among others. The idea here is to consider a cupboard made of durable wood.

Style: The good thing is that a lot of modern style kitchen cupboards have been made available in the market. You therefore have the privilege to select the design and style that matches your preference and taste.

Weight: It is of utmost importance to consider the weight of the cupboard especially if you intend to mount it on the wall. In such a case, it advisable to go for cupboards made of light material to ensure easy mounting.

Price: this happens to be a very important factor since different people have different budgets. The truth is that you are bound to find both expensive and cheap kitchen cabinets in the market. At this juncture, it is for your budget to guide you.

Types Of Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are usually categorized into three. You can opt for custom, semi-custom or stock kitchen cabinets. Your choice should however depend on what you prefer most and also the purpose of the cupboard. Here are kitchen cupboard ideas with regard to types:

Custom Cupboards: This is a type of kitchen cabinets designed to meet particular interests of a buyer. This means that with these cabinets, you have flexibility of choice. you can do your selection with regard to dimensions and designs. Important to note, custom cupboards give you room for installing new fixtures in order to meet your interest.

A good example of such a cupboard is Amish Custom Cabinetry. It is new in the market and it goes for $550. You can find it at

Semi-custom Cupboards: These cupboards are slightly different from custom cupboards since they usually come in standard sizes. They are also manufactured in factories. With this type of cupboards, you can choose different styles and designs. However, you must understand that you will have to pay an extra fee if you want any customization done on the cupboard.

A great example of a semi-custom cupboard is Concord 700-Model Oak Cabinet from Vinotemp. It is designed for wine storage and can fit perfectly in the kitchen. It currently stands at $5,490 in Amazon. Find it at

Stock Kitchen Cabinets: These are cabinets that are found in stores and they come while fully assembled. They are therefore easy to install at home since most of the work has been done already by the seller. Just like custom kitchen cupboards, you can opt for different designs and you can choose the features to be installed on it.

10x10 Randolph Oak Kitchen from Sunco is a perfect example of Stock Kitchen cabinet. It is currently going at $1,199. Find it at

How To Install Kitchen cupboards

The process of installing kitchen cupboards is not complicated at all. Here are some of the tools you will require:

• Fasteners
• Drill
• Tape measure
• Marker
• Wall studs
• Screw driver

Follow the following steps:

1. Select the suitable height where the cupboard will be mounted- not too high and not too low.

2. Take the cabinet measurements using the tape measure. Draw the positioning of the cupboards with respect the taken measurements using a marker.

3. If you have many cupboards, it will be best to install the close to each other.

4. Drill holes on the wall in and Fit the studs properly.

5. Place each cupboard on different studs. Drive the fasteners through the cabinets and eventually through the studs.

6. Be sure to confirm if the cabinets are sturdy enough to carry the intended weight without falling off.

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