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How To Spend Money On The Best Modular Home Bathroom Cabinet

When remodeling or sprucing up your bathroom, one of the essential things you'll have to consider is your bathroom vanity. They dictate how your bathroom look and feel. So regardless of whether you want a traditional/modern look or anything in between, you can always find something that is suitable to your taste and appeals to your visitors alike.

Measure the space available

You don't want to end up with a too big bathroom cabinet that looks awkward. Yet again, you don't want to invest in a too small bathroom cabinet that doesn't suit your purpose well. Therefore, when measuring bathroom space, ensure you leave enough space for opening and closing the door of the cabinet.

You have to measure your intended cabinet doors and drawers against your bathroom's dimensions. Your cabinet shouldn't be too big that it interferes with the flow of traffic.

When taking measurements, take care of existing features such as electrical switches, mirrors, and any other feature you might be having in your bathroom.

Finally, you have to consider your plumbing location since this will affect the width of your bathroom cabinet. You don't want to alter your plumbing arrangement since this can cost you more.

Next, take measurement for vanity cabinets with or without tops. As you do this, take into account your storage needs. Most countertop heights are 31 inches. But you generally have to be flexible since this choice is a matter of personal preference. If the people who will use it are taller, you will require higher countertops. On the other hand, if the cabinet will be used by children, then it must accommodate their heights too.

In case you're buying a vanity without a top, you will need to take countertop measurements into consideration. Again, measure the width and depth of the cabinet. A vanity top is at least 1 inch wider/1 inch deeper than a vanity cabinet.


Ensure you provide space for fillers if you'll need them later. Fillers are pieces of wood that can be fitted to close any gap that may exist between the vanity and the wall.

Bathroom cabinet styles

You can either go for built-in or freestanding cabinets. Built-in cabinets are suitable for bigger spaces, plus they offer more storage space. On the other hand, freestanding ones are suitable for smaller spaces, and they also come in many different styles to sample.

You may also decide to purchase a bathroom cabinet with a top. Such cabinets look complete, and are convenient to have since the bare top serves many purposes. However, the downside is that you'll be restricted to that particular cabinet top, unless one is custom-made for you.

Again, these cabinet tops come in different materials to choose from. You can choose cabinet tops made of glass, natural stone and any other material.

Exploring options

Because bathrooms are separate from the rest of the house, you can always deviate from your overall decor by installing something different. On the other hand, if the rest of your home has a traditional look, you can opt for a modern look in your bathroom.

Color & finish

If the bathroom cabinet you buy is made of wood, expect to find it in white, black, brown or in espresso finish. You also have the freedom of painting your cabinet with the color that seems suitable to you.


You have to confirm with the seller whether the cabinets they are selling have hardware pieces included in purchases. Some cabinets will come with door and drawer hardware included so you don't have to buy these pieces separately.


If your bathroom is quite small, you will probably be fine with one small cabinet. But on the other hand, bigger bathrooms will call for bigger cabinets or two smaller ones fitted strategically.


Your storage needs will be determined by the purpose for which you want to install a bathroom cabinet. For instance, a master bathroom can have a cabinet that is quite different from a kid's bathroom. Again, if you're going to use that bathroom on a daily basis, then it means storage space has to be sufficient enough to cater for the family need.

Where to buy

For a one-stop shopping experience on all your bathroom cabinet needs, visit this page to learn more about what you can buy. A decent bathroom cabinet retails at $400 on the lower end. But this can go up to $800 when you want the most expensive of all the cabinet units sold here.

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