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How Not To Get A Raw Deal When Purchasing Modular Home Bathtubs

A home bathtub soothes your body whenever your muscles are sore. The long, hot, and relaxing water will help your body rejuvenate in the most unique way. That's why you need a bathtub.

What's more, even modular homeowners require these facilities in their bathrooms as well. They want to experience the calming nature of taking a hot bath in a bathtub. In addition to all this, such bathtubs can also be used to wash your pet so they are clean as well.

Now, when you already have a modular home in place and you want to invest in a cool bathtub, your considerations will go beyond color scheme. There are quite a lot of things to consider where bathtubs for modular homes are concerned. Therefore, in this modular home bathtub guide, you will learn how not to get soaked when buying these bathtubs.

Your soaking needs

Unlike showers, bathtubs aren't used more frequently at home. But if you feel that a hot soak is what you will need frequently after every long day, then investing in one of these pieces will be a good choice. However, if you're not into these facilities, consider going without them, and especially if space is a constrain in your modular home.

Placement possibilities

Just like what happens in real estate, the intended location of your bathtub is the buzz word. If you're currently remodeling your modular home, you will be better off leaving the bathtub and other fixtures in their original place since this saves on plumbing costs. Again, the location of a bathtub will influence the type of tub you need.

The types

Recessed bathtub or 3-corner alcove is considered one of the most commonly used bathtubs in homes. Such tubs have 3 walls, although only the visible side of the tub is finished. Again, if the tub will include a shower, then it needs to have walls that are waterproof.

The other type is called a corner tub. This tub is triangular in shape, with two sides against the wall. Therefore, only one side is finished. Lastly, we have the drop-in tub that has all its sides supported by a frame. With this bathtub, you can decide to place it on top of a raised level or below the floor level.

Most drop-in tubs are made of lightweight acrylic material, hence they are deeper and larger compared to those made of heavier materials. What's more, they may come with molded seats so as to facilitate a pleasant bathing experience.

Lastly, the freestanding tub is one that is made to stand on claw-foot and sometimes on a base. These tubs are mostly a focal point since they make a powerful design statement.

Material mindset

Modular home bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes. What's more, you will find them in different materials such as glass, acrylic, metal, porcelain and many more. However, of all the materials out there, copper tends to make the most beautiful of tubs. Secondly, granite bathtubs also look good when designed according to your home decor.

Size consideration

You have to decide how big your bathtub will be, plus whether or not it will accommodate you and the people who will be using it. Yet again, your tub must not be too big that you end up wasting water in it. And are you going to bath alone or in a company? Do you intend to bath the kids in that tub too? If so, don't go for the largest bathtub available.

Tubs for elderly persons

If you have an elderly person in your modular home, you will need to think twice when investing in a bathtub. So in this case, you should go for a tub which is ADA-compliant. These tabs are designed with older people in mind. They are 3-sided, plus they have a door to make it easier when gaining access (without having to take too high a step to enter into the tub). Lastly, it has also been reported that they have grab rails and non-slip floors to enhance safety.

Where to buy

If you love buying things online, you can buy your bathtub from Amazon using this link Expect to spend at least $500 to get a decent bathtub that will suit your needs. But this is not to say there aren't any cheaper ones. In fact, this Amazon page has bathtubs that are as cheap as $19. Also, remember not to sacrifice quality with cost.

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