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Modular Home Entry Doors - Tips For Choosing And Steps For Installing

When you are building or renovating your home, the best way to create the first impression is the right kind of modular home entry doors. You will find there are a number of entry doors for your home that are available in an array of shapes, sizes and materials. If you are planning to buy a new entry door for your abode, then you have to consider the following factors to make sure that you are buying the right one.

1) Material matters: Begin by selecting the configuration of doors that you need. There are single doors, double doors, glass panels on the upper or sides of the wooden door, wooden material, fiber glass or steel that can be customized with different exterior paints and hardware to enhance the visible appeal of the doors. Fiber glass is durable and looks like real wood and is energy efficient. Steel insulates better than wood and is energy efficient, too.

2) Choose the perfect style: When it comes to choosing a door style, select the one that matches the interiors of your home to get a unique look. There are many styles available these days, like traditional, contemporary and modern designs which are available in a single material and also with glass. Choose the one that compliments your home the most.

3) Select the right color: If you wish to personalize the entry doors of your modular house, then choose a shade that matches the interiors of your home. You can also select a bold and contrast color for your door to get a trendy look. Two paint shades are also great where one color will be used on the front and the other on the back side. If you are on the lookout of stain finish, choose a stain shade for both sides of your door. This can be applied on both textured fiberglass doors and wooden doors. Most of the modular house entrance doors arrive in the market with a pre-stained look.

4) Make use of finishing touches: You can buy various accessories such as hinges, handles, locks and name plates in order to enhance the appeal of the entrance doors. These accessories are obtainable in big to small size, so you should buy the one depending on the size of the door.

Usually when you purchase these entry doors, the company would offer free installation at your place. But sometimes, you might not get free installation. If you wish to know how to replace or install an entry door, here are some step by step instructions.

Step 1: Determine the floor level: Check the level of your floor. If is not leveled, then you have to make sure that your new door sits at the right level. You can do this by slightly raising the door sill’s low side. This is essential as you cannot install the door because you will face difficulty to coordinate with the jambs.

Step 2: Prepare the sill: You have to prepare the sill before the next critical step. In the past, many used caulking beads under the door sill and on the threshold. This is effective only for a short term as caulking has the tendency to break over time. This might make your door prone to damage as well as leakage. You can buy many products that offer sill protection these days. Make sure that it fits the type of door that you are planning to install.

Step 3: Use caulk in and around the perimeter: You should apply caulk around the rough opening before you install the door. This would not only keep out the water but also help in keeping away cold air.

Step 4: Have proper flashing: Using a proper flash is the must as it cuts about 45 degree angles at the top of your house wrap so that it acts as a support for the drip cap beneath it. This way you can save the door frame at the times of rain.

Step 5: Install your entry door using bracket system: This will help you make good adjustments with the door instead of using the traditional wood shims.

Step 6: Final stage: When the door is all set and ready tighten the screws in the hinges and then proceed to paint the door and its jamb as it helps you prevent water from penetrating inside.

Entry Door Brands

1. Pella: It offers entry doors in many finishes like wood grain and smooth finish. These doors arrive in different shades like Oak Crest, wood haven, teak wood, wine berry etc.

2. Plast Pro: It offers smooth skin and oak grain doors in shades of white and wood grain finishes.

3. Therma tru: It offers doors having American, mahogany, rustic, oak shades in smooth and wood grain finishes.

All 3 brands provide single entry doors in the size of 30, 32 and 36 inches with 80 inches height.

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