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Tips For Picking Out Modular Home Entry Steps

Steps for a back, side or front entrance to a mobile home are made in 3 basic types. These are basically fiberglass, concrete or wood. These steps work for just about any building which has a raised entrance and therefore require easy and safe access for anyone getting in or coming out of the home.

Wooden steps are quite popular with many homeowners, this is because they are not only easy to lift, and they are also quite durable. These stairs also tend not to be as deep or as wide as other steps made from other materials. They are usually treated with a light coating weather sealer, making them water resistant. It is advisable though to set the base on a concrete or plastic base so as to avoid leaving the stair legs in standing water.

Concrete steps are usually quite heavy and long lasting. Even though these steps are usually quite heavy, once you get them in front of your door, they are bound to last for years. It is worth noting though that due to its nature, it may be difficult to keep the steps all square or rounded, this is because they are prone to chipping at the edges, this may give the stair a rather weather worn look which may not be so pleasing on the eye.

Another popular modular steps material is fiberglass. This is a durable and long lasting option which lacks the heaviness associated with concrete steps , but has its durability and because it is usually built around a wooden frame, it does bring along all the advantages of wood to bear on the staircase.

Here are some examples of modular home exterior steps readily available in market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Pressure Treated Wooden Steps

Product Price: $ 53.10

Product URL:

Product Details: these sturdy pine treaded steps and is attached to a super strong and cross braced metal frame, offering very attractive access to any mobile home at a very economical price. This step tread on the 29 inch wide step is 9.5 inches wide. It is also worth mentioning that the 36 inch wide step and the tread are 11.5 inches wide. It is also long lasting and durable as well. The unit is also easy to install and can handle the harsh exterior weather that’s associated with the outdoors. It is also available in a wide variety of finishes.

2) Product Name: Economy Fiberglass Steps

Product Price: $ 247.70

Product URL:

Product Details: the steps are constructed using some heavy duty treated plywood and is designed to last many years even when placed under heavy water contact. The deep penetrating treatment it has been subjected to does protect the interior and exterior wood against warping, rotting and any other decay. The fiberglass and resin exterior coating does provide durability and strength whereas the grooved nails give superior strength in key bracing areas. It is also fitted with slip resistant texture on all landings and treads for additional safety. The sand or white exterior with special finish such as black buckshot for additional visual appeal.

3) Product Name: Dura Grip Fiberglass 4 step

Product Price: $ 342.25

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is constructed with treated lumber and plywood designed to last for long and stop decay, warping and rotting. With a 7 inch riser height, the receding riser does give the step 12 inch of surface for the foot, giving the entire unit a very contemporary look. It is also textured, slip resistant and stone like surface that gives better footing in all weather conditions. The unit is also sold with a ten year pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty. It is easy to mount, simply align the rail posts with the holes which have been pre-drilled and then go ahead and tighten the bolts accordingly.

4) Product Name: Economaster Series Steps

Product Price: $ 206.75

Product URL:

Product Details: this is one of the most popular straight approach fiberglass entry steps. The steps are not only durable but are also attractive and affordable as well. The unit prides itself in having a high performance safety surface: it has a slip resistant, textured, stone line surface which gives users a better footing in virtually all weather conditions. Mounting the rails is also fast, the rail posts have steel sleeves, so there is no need of drilling, and you therefore simply align the rail posts with the pre-drilled holes and then tighten the bolt.

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