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Investing In A Kitchen Sink Cabinet For Modular Homes, And Where Your Eyes Should Be

A sink on top of a cabinet is a common arrangement in most kitchens today. That's because the idea of having an isolated sink in the kitchen no longer appeals. These units have to be molded into one whole unit to save space and also bring out the aesthetic appeal that a 21st century kitchen is supposed to have.

First, a sink serves a vital role in any kitchen. This is where food cleaning and preparation takes place in. Therefore, for every kitchen that needs a makeover, a sink plus a cabinet molded into one unit is a must have.

What to do

Normal base cabinet sizes are available in the range of 24 inches, all the way to 42 inches. So basically, it will depend with the size of the sink cabinet you're going for. Again, if you're going to buy these units separately, make sure the sink is correctly sized, i.e. it should be able to fit in and still leave enough countertop space for your kitchen activities.

The considerations

The number of bowls

The size of your kitchen will influence the activities that take place there. If your household kitchen is big, and is typically used to prepare food for a big family, you will probably need a large cabinet that can accommodate more than one sink. Again, if your kitchen accommodates multiple cooks at one given time, you will be better off with double-bowls of equal sizes.

Finally, if your kitchen is small and doesn't have a lot of cooking activities going on, one large sink and cabinet will suffice. You could also find these cabinets in triple-bowls too. So depending on your reasons for choosing one cabinet over the other, you have to be aware of the advantages that one design offers against the other.

(a) The single bowl sink cabinet

If you have over-sized cooking pots and large-diameter dishes, you will probably need a cabinet with one large in-built sink on it. This design takes less space, even though it accommodates large pieces of utensils. They are offered in up to 33 inches wide.

(b) Double-bowl sink cabinets

This design offers convenience when it comes to washing, rinsing, cleaning up and preparing food. These bowls can be as wide as 48 inches.

(c) Triple-bowl sink cabinets

Just like their name suggest, they come with 3 in-built sinks on them. However, the third sink is often smaller in size. It's typically used for prep work. These units can be as large as 60 inches, and are suitable for commercial or heavy-duty sinks.

Sink orientation

Your bowl orientation will be determined by your sink, dishwasher, disposer and how they relate. For example, the dishwasher location will be determined by your ability to use the right or left hand when washing. The orientation should allow you to hold your dishes with one hand and rinse with another before placing them into a dishwasher.

If you're investing in a double sink, you can have your kitchen garbage disposer positioned on the same side as your dishwasher. This increases efficiency anyway.

Cabinet consideration

Wood makes the best kitchen cabinets and especially when painted and finished according to your kitchen decor. Therefore, other than the sink considerations which you must take seriously, you will also be mindful of the look of the kitchen cabinet you're spending money on. Brown is the best color for kitchen applications. But you can generally be creative with other colors as long as it suits your personal preference.

The cost of the unit you invest money in will also be determined by the material of the sink and that of the cabinet. Sinks come in a variety of materials, although the most common sink material is stainless steel. Stainless steel is not expensive, plus it's efficient and easy to clean. This material doesn't catch stains or dents, plus it retains its luster for as long as proper care is given.

As for the cabinets, you have the option of choosing hardwood materials. But it is not always necessary to stick to this since other wood types will also serve the same purpose. In fact, when wood is treated properly, it can last longer despite the moist conditions in your kitchen.

Finally, here's a link ( that will take you to a page where all these items are sold. Prices vary depending on what you want. But generally, modular home kitchen sink cabinets go for as little as $250.

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