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Modular Home Light Switches That Save Energy And Time

Unless you want to be walking, cooking, talking and showering around in the dark in your home, then light switches are a staple in every home.

There are different types of light switches that you can install in your house, to suit every design and home decor. Some even specialise in saving you time and energy. To choose the most appropriate light switch for your home, here are the types that are available.

1) Toggle Light Switch

Arguably the most common type of light switch is the toggle light switch. This is where a lever of some sort controls the electric circuit leading to the light.

When the lever is pressed to one side at a certain angle, the light is switched on. When it is switched to the other side, it turns off. The lever rests on either side, depending on whether the light is on or off.

This is a simple light switch to have because you can easily tell which side is the on or off button without any extra hassle or trouble.

2) Push Button Light Switch

The push button light switch is another popular type. There are usually two buttons.

When the light is switch on by pressing one button, a spring mechanism will cause the other to return to its original position. To turn the light off again, simply repeat the process of pressing the other button, in which the spring will lead the 'on' push to return to the initial position again. The side that is pushed down depend on whether the light it on or off.

In these cases, it is best to label, which button is on and which is off to avoid confusion.

3) Selector Light Switch

This light switch does what its name suggests; it gives you the option to select the option that best suits you.

It is made of a knob that can be moved to your choice going left or right. For example, in a simple selector light switch, the two choices will be on and off.

4) Dimmer Light Switch

Dimmer light switches are beneficial for your homes because it helps to save energy.

These modular home light switches regulate the flow of electric current to the switch to control the amount of light that appears. Unlike with other ordinary lights that turn on at an automatic amount of light, this one senses how much light is needed and adjusts accordingly.

Not only is it a great energy saving preference but it also creates such ambience when you have family and friends over; similar to a dimly lit candlelight dinner, except with no candles and less work.

5) Photoelectric Switch

Have you ever wondered how streetlights just turn on automatically when it is dark?

Someone is not just sitting there with an overall power switch that turns all streetlights and lamps on when it becomes dark.

Streetlights and lamps are run on a photoelectric switch.

These types of light switches have sensors the measure the level of light in the surrounded areas. When the sensors find that the is not a lot of light, its circuits will activate, hence turning on.

Similarly, when it is daytime and the amount of natural light has restored, then the photoelectric switch will deactivate the circuits and flow of current.

Sometimes, there are self-contained light switches, which consist of an inbuilt timer. While they are not as popular anymore, they are designed to turn on and off at the stipulated time.

Photoelectric switches have recently made their way into domestic homes to be used as home applications. This will make our home lives much easier, with the light switch automatically sensing when we need it to turn on or off. Ultimately, this will reduce the amount of energy used and wasted.

By automating simple tasks such as switching the light one and off, there will definitely be less “no, you switch the light off”,arguments, that’s for sure.

Light Switch Design

Despite whatever type of light switch you prefer, there are different designs and styles that come with each one.

It is best to choose one that fits complements your home decor so that it doesn’t stand out but blends in seamlessly.

Here is a great light choice that you should consider. With different colour options, you can choose the one that best suits the colour scheme in your house.

1) Lutron Diva C.L Dinner for Dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, Single-Pole or 3-Way.

Type: Toggle Switch, Dimmer
Colour options: White, Almond, Ivory, Light Almond
Price: $21-$34.46 each, depending on the colour
See more:

If you are looking for modular home light switches that help save energy and are super convenient, then consider some of these types of light switches on our list to see which one best suits your home in design and functionality.

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