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Some Tips To Help Obtain The Right Patio Doors For A Modular Home

Moving, renovating or redesigning a new home can be an exciting time if a little daunting and stressful. But we want to help make this task less challenging with some helpful tips.

So have you recently moved into a modular home and are looking for new patio doors to embellish your house?

There are many different options that you can go when looking for modular home patio doors. There are various brands, designs, themes, styles and colors that you can choose from.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you determine which one you should opt for.

1. Space: You need to think about where the door will go. Some doors swing open and some doors slide so you need to consider wall placement, furniture, and space. Is there enough room to install a swinging or French patio door? Will the door hit something when swung open? If so, then a sliding door may be the best choice.

2. Durable: Your patio door should have a long lifespan. As the door will also be facing the outside, you want one that is constructed from weather-durable materials such as aluminum or vinyl. This means that it will require less maintenance and less trouble.

3. Design: As we mentioned before, there are so many different styles and colors that are available. It is best not to just go immediately to your personal preference but the one that will perpetuate the visual identity in your house. You want patio doors that will fit in seamlessly with the interior and exterior decor and not stand out like a sore thumb.

To assist you further, we have identified two main types of patio doors: French Door (swinging) and sliding doors. Here is one example of each so you can see what you can expect when looking for modular home patio doors.

1. Elixir 72” x 76” Out-Swing French Door

Elegant, classy and stylish, the Elixir 72” x 76” Out-Swing French Door is a great way to add charm to your home. They are the perfect solution for those looking to add charisma and appeal, as well as the ability to move large objects inside and outside the house.

These French doors, in particular, are made out of tempered insulated glass so it is more resistant to impact, increasing its lifespan. It also has heavy aluminum extrusions with reinforcing angles and polystyrene bead board insulation.

Its heavy-duty strike plate means that you can be confident the lock will be safe and secure.

The interior and exterior of this patio door are white, giving it a classy and elegant finish. This color scheme means that it will be easy to match with any other color of the interior room or exterior balcony.

When it comes to opening, only one side of the door can open, though you can choose which side it is. Imagine you are looking from the outside in. Visit the link below to order, and select RH if you would like the right side to open, or LH if you prefer the left.

You can purchase this patio door from Mobile Part Store for $949.97 (https://is.gd/0aSqYs).

2. Kinro 72” x 76” Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

If you prefer something more austere, then the Kinro Vinyl Sliding Patio Door is a good option.

At 72” in width and 76” in height, it can also slide open to the left or right side, depending on your preference.

This door prioritizes safety and security. To ensure that the door is secure, there is an anti-lift design function that requires the door to be completely in the open position before it can be removed.

It also has great aesthetics. It is simple, neat and optimizes viewing area with the multi-channel frame with flush mount pre-punched flange. This feature, along with the 3/4” sealed tempered insulating glass, maximizes performance in thermal and sound value.

The exterior glazing design is resistant to weather elements such as wind and water, and you won’t have to worry about dust gathering too much. It contains a staggered internal weep system, whichminimizes the amount of dust that will gather around and on the door.

This patio door boasts exceptional structural strength due to the heat fusion welded frame and moving panel. It also prevents leakage, even in the corners.

Many people encounter problems with sliding doors because it can get stuck and not have that smooth, effortless slide that we all expect. The Kinro Vinyl Sliding Patio Door has fully adjustable factory steel tandem rollers that are lubricated for that smooth transition. They are also fixed with ball bearing insures to maximize sliding performance.

These doors can slide open from the left or right. You can choose which side you prefer (from the outside facing in) for $846.96 at Mobile Home Parts Store (https://is.gd/zEnZHX).

Now that you have an idea of how to choose the best modular home patio door and some examples of the popular styles, you can identify which one will best suit your home. They are a great installation to any house because patio doors are great to let in the light, share the view and enhance your living space.

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