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Increase The Natural Light In The Home With Modular Home Skylights

A skylight can save you some significant amount of money. In addition to reducing the need to use electric lights, these units can provide you with some warmth during the cold winter months and some cool breeze during the summer, this minimizes the need or use of fuel based air conditioning and heating. To succeed in making the above mentioned savings a reality and keep your modular home comfortable usually lies in choosing the correct materials, features and placement spot for your skylights.

At the onset, it is important to fully understand and know the available skylight types first so as to be able to make an informed decision. Skylights can be operable or fixed, made of plastic or glass and are available in different styles and sizes as well. they can also have UV blocking capabilities, shades, insulated glazing or louvers.

When selecting a skylight, it is important to remember that a skylight will only work in a room that’s below an unfinished attic space or below the roof. If you are interested in installing one in a room that has an attic above, then you will be forced to build a small light shaft through the home attic.

Skylights are normally glazed with a wide variety of plastic and glass in triple, double and single glazing with most manufacturers making both plastic and glass units. When choosing a unit, keep in mind the weight of the unit and how it is going to be installed. A glass skylight is usually twice as heavy as a plastic unit and you should therefore take this into consideration when making a choice. Plastic glazing is normally chosen in instances where durability, lightweight and economy are key considerations. On the other hand, glass is preferred by many due to its elegant look. It also offers homeowners a clearer view and the unit doesn’t scratch. It can also be ordered in a wide variety of styles and sizes as well.

As a rule, most manufacturers usually test their units for solar heat gain, heat loss as well as the effective blockage of the sun’s UV rays. The results of these tests are generally expressed in numbers. The U-value of the unit does measure the overall rate of heat flow from either side of the glass or plastic through the skylight. The lower this value, the better the product is in resisting overall heat flow.

The R-value is the resistance the material has to heat flow, it is the insulation value of the unit. This value is normally placed on the glazing. Normally, the best skylights will have very low insulating glass with some argon placed between the glass panes. A unit with good insulation will register a high R-value.

The UV blockage is usually expressed as a percentage of the UV rays which have been successfully blocked by the unit. This is normally an approximation by most manufacturers. Some manufacturers even have a VLT (Visible Light Transmittance)measurement which is the percentage of visible light that’s transmitted by a skylight. Homeowners who have lots of light are therefore encouraged to go for units with a high VLT value. Units with low VLT readings include tinted glazing which naturally blocks the overall glare by allowing in less light.

Finally, it is always recommended that when choosing your skylight, you should never compromise on quality. Even if the unit will be slightly more expensive, just make sure that you get a unit that’s of high quality, durable, effective and efficient.

Here are some of the more common modular home skylights readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Velux 30” by 54” Deck Mount Vented Skylight

Product Price: $ 1191.70

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit features a solar panel that captures any daylight which is then used to recharge a battery powered control and operator system. fitted with an energy efficient insulated double pane glass, the unit is sturdy and reliable

2) Product Name: Fakro Center Pivot Laminated Skylight

Product Price: $ 752.05

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit is fitted with low emission, heat reflecting double glazed glass and comes with a 15 year leak proof skylight warranty. It is ideal for roofs with pitches between fifteen and eighty five degrees.  

3) Product Name: Velux Solar Powered Fresh Air Curb Mount 25.5 by 25.5

Product Price: $ 1102.86

Product URL:

Product Details: this remote controlled unit doesn’t require any wiring, making it very easy to install. It does also have an integrated rain sensor which closes automatically when it is raining. The unit maybe eligible for a thirty percent federal tax credit.

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