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Enhance The Peacefulness Of Your Home With The Right Soundproofing Options

Nothing could be more irritating than rumbling traffic, noisy neighbors or barking doors that keep you awake at night or prevent you from enjoying your afternoon nap. Such annoyances lead many people to think of soundproofing their home. Fortunately, improving your modular home’s soundproofing is not as expensive or difficult as many people assume. Whereas there is no singular solution to solving the problem, there are several ways of soundproofing your home and ensure that all unwanted noises are captured.

It is important to note though that when it comes to sound, it is usually more of blocking and isolating the noise rather than eliminating it completely. For an indoor noise problem, there are normally two important issues that need to be addressed. The first issue normally involves stopping the noise from coming into an area or room and treating the noise in a room in such a way that it is absorbed and stopped from bouncing around.

Generally, it is an accepted fact that to really sound proof a room, you need to find its entry points and have them plugged. Noise will find any crevice in your home and seep into your home. This usually involves simple, yet frequently ignored tasks such as correctly sealing windows and doors as required. For windows, get a new frame if required or simply just ensure that you improve the weather-stripping or seal with some caulking. Alternatively, you can opt for specially designed window treatment that’s specially designed to block noise. Normally, these extra panes are attached onto an existing window, they improve the overall sealing and also add an additional layer of air between the 2 layers of glass, and this feature is specifically designed to stop or reduce noise levels.

Virtually every part of the house can be soundproofed, from floors, walls, ceilings, doors; windows etc. for floors, different floors have their own unique sound transfer qualities. There are different underlayments for each type of finished floor whether it is stone and tile, luxury vinyl, carpet or wood. In most cases, floor soundproofing does include blocking both airborne noise such as entertainment, voices and television as well as footstep noise. To succeed in blocking floor noise, mass is required to block the airborne noise while the right amount of flexibility is needed to block the footstep noise. A good soundproofing material should combine significant weight as well as the proper density to soundproof the floor.

For walls, there are numerous products in the market. It is recommended that you use flexible membranes, damping products as well as sound isolation techniques in your walls. This can be done in combination or individually. A good wall soundproofing material should combine both damping, decoupling materials of different densities.

For the ceiling, you need to get a material that will block the noise emanating from outside the house and also reduce the noise coming from footsteps. Because of this, one has to carefully consider the factor of noise absorption compared against noise reduction. These options are usually available either as drop grid, hard ceilings or tile ceilings.

Here are some of the popular modular home soundproofing options readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: TMS Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier

Product Price: $ 219.00

Product URL:

Product Details: made of virgin material, this material has no odor and is 1/8 inches thick. The material is ideal for floor soundproofing and is available in a wide variety of colors. It is easy to install and no special tools or equipments are needed for its installation. It is recommended that you use some green caulk to seal all the gaps or outlets after fixing the unit.

2) Product Name: Owens Corning Acoustic Insulations

Product Price: $ 139.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this is an industry standard acoustic insulation. It is available in different thicknesses of one, two and four inches. Even though the unit is rigid, it is also lightweight and easy to install and manage. These units are ideal for wall panels.

3) Product Name: Acoustic Panels Foam Wedges

Product Price: $ 79.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this is ideal for controlling echoes and reverberations and is ideal for use at home or even in studios. The one inch foam does provide relatively moderate sound control on both ceilings and walls. It is easy to install and does require periodic vacuuming of dust. 

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