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Help Keep Your Home Accessible To Everyone With A Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps are a vital necessity for mobility for both outdoors and indoors, selecting the most appropriate ramp is therefore very important as it ensures both safety and usability. Because there are very many types of wheelchair ramps in the market, one has to take into consideration a variety of factors when making a choice. First and foremost, it is important to understand the available types as well as their specifications.

Portable wheelchair ramps are typically used for vehicle access or to pass over stairs and curbs. These ramps are normally very portable since they can be folded and kept or transported from one point to the other. They are also very sturdy when unfolded for use and can be used in virtually any weather condition. Threshold ramps help users to get past slightly raised doorway thresholds or landings. They are normally made of rubber or aluminum and can be moved as and when required very easily. It is important to mention that ramps made of rubber can easily be notched or trimmed for a custom fit.

A modular ramp is usually required if the rise in question does exceed twenty four (24) inches. These ramps can be used for both commercial and residential purposes since they have multiple configurations which make them very versatile. These ramps are commonly used for permanent situations even though it can be moved and reconfigured if need be.

Before you buy a ramp, it is important to determine the ramp length that’s needed. You can do this by measuring the rise in inches vertically from the ground level to the very top step or landing where the ramp is expected to sit. You should then go ahead and find the maximum ramp incline that’s based on the ramp length.

To meet ADA requirements, always ensure that the incline doesn’t exceed a 1:12 slope, this implies that twelve inches of ramp length is required for everyone inch in rise. In the event that you opt for a ramp that doesn’t meet ADA requirements, it is highly recommended that you get a unit that has a slope that doesn’t exceed 2:12.

Generally, it is recommended that you never exceed a slope that’s greater than 2: 12 for an occupied wheelchair or exceed a slope that’s greater than 3:12 for an unoccupied wheelchair. You should also always ensure that the top of the ramp is safely secured on the landing or step before using the ramp. At times, you may have to anchor the top of the ramp to the landing surface using the steel security pins that are provided.

You should always ensure that you secure your lap belt before you start using your portable ramp and always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for your wheelchair ramp before installing or using the same.

If you want a ramp for outdoor/indoor stairs, then the number of stairs will determine the best ramp. Even though most stairs typically run 7 to 8 inches, it is the total rise of the stairs combined that determine which type of ramp is required. When taking your measurements, you should be as detailed as possible since a ramp that’s either too short or too long will most likely be unusable.

Here are some of the popular modular home wheelchair ramps readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp

Product Price: $ 149.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/mlGmbB

Product Details: this is a lightweight, completely adjustable wheelchair ramp that makes increased mobility not only a reality but an enjoyable at that. With a functional three section design, the ramp allows for easy contraction for storage whereas the push button technology ensures safety.

2) Product Name: Silver Spring Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp

Product Price: $ 199.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/KlHTeB

Product Details: with a 600lb weight capacity, this lightweight and foldable design is easy to transport and has an anti-slip traction surface. The unit has a full plate lip for enhanced surface contact on vehicle or sill. The unit is sold with safety pins which are used to secure the ramp to its loading surface.

3) Product Name: PVI Aluminum Multi-Fold Rear Door Wheelchair Ramp

Product Price: $ 299.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/05xSVt

Product Details: the unit is made from high quality lightweight aluminum and a friction tape on the ramp to provide maximum traction. The specially designed hook does reach over the rear bumpers as well as door sills. The unit is also very portable as it can fold into a quarter of its original size.

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