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Tips To Buying The Perfect Garage Door

At some point in time, a home will require replacement of a garage door. At such a time, the home owner should put certain important factors in to consideration before buying the first garage door they come across. With the right set of guidelines, one is assured of buying a functional and durable piece for their home.

Tips to consider when shopping for a garage door

A replacement garage door should be perfect for a particular house to offer safety and convenience. Here are some characteristics and factors to take into account:

· Material: Pick a material that will last the test of time. Wood should be used in areas with dry weather conditions where only regular oiling and staining will keep it in good shape. For wet conditions, vinyl, aluminum and fiber glass can be used for maximum durability.

· Strength: The strength factor is also brought by the material. The garage should be strong enough to last long yet light enough to open up easily.

· Spring mechanism: The buyer should check the spring fitted on the door ad ensure that it has an easy open feel on the tension. The door should preferably have two sets of springs. This will ensure that in case of any malfunction in one, the other will offer maximum support.

· Insulation: Pick a door that comes with insulation features or one that can be easily be plastered with insulation materials. The garage is one of the openings that alter temperatures in a home.

· Cost: This is one factor that definitely can’t be ignored. Choose an affordable door but don’t compromise on functionality.

Garage Door Types

The types of garage doors differ in the material and style they come in:

Roller Garage Door

This type of door has a roller system that gathers the door at the top when it opens. It favors aluminum or steel. The door can be made of continuous steel or slats that are pieced together. The roller garage door saves on space since no outward space is required for the door to open. It also saves on time since it automatically rolls up to the top. A classic provider of such doors is the Amarr company. One can visit the website where they provide customers with dealers who are closest to them.

Canopy Door

This type of garage door opens all the way up from outside then it slides in to the space at the ceiling. It can either be manual or automatically fitted. It requires an outside allowance that will allow the door to fully open before fitting itself at the ceiling. A canopy door requires proper oiling and check up of hinges for durability. Clopay garage doors are the best examples of such types of doors. They come in wood, steel or aluminum. There is a 9200 and 4300 series. The best part is that one can either choose to have windows fitted at the top for light and privacy matters. If not, then the traditional plain style can be maintained. These doors can be bought at where one can find a dealer close to them. The price ranges from $710-$1500 depending on size.


This is one of the most traditional garage doors. The door tilts up and outwards then hangs at the top. When the car is inside it is then pulled back down in to place. This door requires an outside space for opening. The Wayne Dalton company provides such doors whose prices vary with the material and size chosen. One can easily get a quote from their site

Sectional doors

This option is quite similar to the rolling system. It is a combination of the canopy and the roller shutter door. This door moves up vertically in its space while at the same time, horizontally to fit at the ceiling. It saves space since no outward space is needed for opening. Sectional doors require the hinges to be properly maintained through oiling and regular checks. The Haas Door Company is a popular provider of such. They offer service quotes on their site

Home replacement garage doors are versatile in design, material, style, safety and convenience. A home owner should carry out a good background search to establish the best type of door for their home. Remember that safety comes first in any situation. The best thing about modern garage doors is that they incorporate style and functionality in their make.

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