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All You Need To Know When Shopping For A Replacement Hot Water Heater

Water heaters provide an uninterrupted and endless supply of hot water for as long as it is needed. Yes, the hot water heater is an indispensable appliance in ever home as it supplies hot water for all your household activities. Hence if a problem crops up it can impact your daily domestic affairs. Generally water heaters are recognized for their excellent value, efficiency and reliability. However they have the tendency to fail when you need them the most. Eventually these hot water heaters also require maintenance and replacement. Replacement can be done by a licensed plumber in matter of few hours.

How to know that the hot water heater needs replacement?

Generally they last for years but when they are in on their last legs the following are the possible signs and indications to determine whether they need to be replaced:

1. When it begins to leak due to rust or corrosion

2. Water is not as hot as it used to be on account of build up of excess sediment

3. When the hot water is discolored, usually yellow or rust colored due to excess scale build up

4. Unusual hissing or sizzling sounds may occur due to accumulation of debris

5. When it is unable to release water through the drain tank

6. When it becomes old and exceeds beyond your warranty date

7. When it works erratically

Types of hot water heaters available in the market today:

As hot water heaters are considered as a bare necessity a person should be aware of the different types of water heater available in the market.

1. Storage water heaters: This is the oldest and most common method of water heating. They can be either large enough to supply hot water to the entire household or small enough to supply water at a specific point of use. The cost of installation is less and provides instant hot water. The Laars- Stor storage water heater is an 75 gallon capacity single wall heater that is precision engineered to provide the lowest pressure drop and highest hot water output. It incorporates a glass tank with fully automatic controls. It costs $1,395.81 and available for purchase at

2. Tankless water heaters: These water heaters are on the rising trend because they produce hot water on demand. Once triggered they provide a perpetual supply of hot water. This assures incredible savings of energy but however this type is a bit expensive when compared to the storage water heaters. The Rheem electric tankless water heater incorporates a compact design and provides continuous supply of hot water on demand. It is available for $201.89 at

3. Gas water heater: Here water is heated using propane, natural gas or LPG. The Ecotemp gas water heater designed for small to medium hot water production. It incorporates a sleek modern design with a digital temperature display. It is available for purchase at $266.99 at

4. Solar water heater: Solar water heater is highly efficient as they harness energy from the sun to heat the water. The AO Smith Sun-80 solar water heater incorporates a permaglas glass tank coating and assures excellent durability. It can be bought for $823.00 at

How to remove and replace a water heater:

1. Turn off the gas connection or electric source that powers the water heater by using the cut-off valve.

2. Turn off the cold water intake spigot to close off the connection.

3. Drain the water in the water heater using a regular garden hose.

4. Disconnect the pipes and disassemble the components to remove the water heater from its stand.

5. Dispose the old one and buy a new water heater.

6. Put it in its place and connect the pipes.

7. Fill the tank and connect the electric or gas lines to the water heater.

List of tools for replacing a water heater:

A hack saw, pipe reamer, gloves, pliers, pipe wrench, channel locks, silver solder, flux brush, wire cutters, tape measures, screw drivers, wire nuts and a simple garden hose are the essential tools needed for replacement of water heater.

Water heat is an essential household appliance as it provides you with non-stop supply of hot water for all your household needs. Hence, replacement hot water heaters should never be overlooked. Call a licensed plumber to get it done for you in a perfect manner.

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