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Residential Lighting Fixtures: Functional And Aesthetic Use Of Light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are decorating your home. It can influence the design and mood of the space. You can use light to create a relaxed feeling or motivate people. To achieve this, you need to find the right residential lighting fixtures. There are certain basics that you need to know about if you want your home to attain its aesthetic potential.

When you notice that some of your lighting fixtures seem worn out, it is time for an upgrade. You also need to upgrade your fixtures if your energy consumption is too high. The latest fixtures are designed to conserve energy without compromising on aesthetics and light quality.

Factors to Consider when Choosing

It is essential to consider the kind of atmosphere you are trying to create and how the different rooms will be used before you upgrade or replace your fixtures. Combining a few fixtures can make a room versatile. You need more than one light source in the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms need focused light.

It is also important to determine whether you want the fixture to be functional or aesthetic. A lighting fixture can be a piece of art on its own. You can also choose something that complements the rest of the art pieces in your house.

Consider the size of the fixture when you are making a purchase. It should be an adequate size to fit the room you will install it in.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

There are different kinds of lighting fixtures and each one of them is designed to suit a specific use. Your choice will depend on the kind of ambience you want to create.

1) Recessed

These fixtures can be installed above your ceiling. This is the best option if you want unobtrusive lighting. They are not decorative but they can provide general lighting for foyers and hallways. You can also use them in your den or family room. The fixtures are installed flush against ceiling
to give you a contemporary, clean look.

Product Example

Hampton Bay Caffe Patina Trim For 6 in. Recessed Can comes in an elegant European design. It is made of glass, steel, and aluminum. This fixture is available for $29.97 (


It is easy to replace your existing recessed fixture because they come pre-wired with an electrical box. To upgrade your fixture switch off the power and remove the old fixture from your ceiling. Use a flat bar to force open the old electrical box out of the ceiling beam. In some cases, all you
have to do is unscrew the box. Hold the cardboard template that comes with your fixture over the hole in the ceiling. This allows you to mark the outline of the template on your ceiling. Use a drywall saw to cut out a new hole for the fixture. Connect the electrical cable from your old fixture to the wires in the electrical box. Fix the fixture in the ceiling and push it in firmly. Insert a trim kit and bulb to finish.

2) Sconce Lighting

These fixtures are mounted on walls especially in dining rooms. You can use them for accent lighting to complement your chandelier. They are also great for reading and you can install beside your bed.

Product Example: Lighting on the Square Bronze 15 1/2" High Wall Sconce Style # 47342 (

This is a two light fixture that includes sleek lines that give it a contemporary look. It is available for $99.99. It is ideal for baths, bedrooms, and hallways.


To upgrade your sconce lighting, purchase a plug-in wall mounted fixture and plastic wire molding that has adhesive backing. Remove the old fixture and disassemble the new one partially to reach the mounting plate. Screw the plate firmly into the wall. Mark a plumb line with a lever just below
the plate. Remove the wire molding wrapper and line it up with the line. Press the molding against the wall. And fasten the fixture on the plate before you force the wire molding open. Slide the power cord into the molding and close it. Plug in the cord to a power outlet.

3) Undercabinet Lighting

These fixtures are installed under kitchen cabinets. You can either have a single or linear fixture. This lighting is great for illuminating work areas in your kitchen.

Product Example: WAC Lighting BA-LIX-6 Xenon Light Bar, CAPITOL ID: 1289444, PART #: BA-LIX-6-BB (

This product comes with frosted borosilicate glass lenses to give you great white light. It is can also be used in damp parts of the house.


To install the fixture, screw its track to the lower part of the cabinet. Connect the transformer and track and then plug in its power cord into an outlet. Lock the fixtures into the track.

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