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Residential Playground Equipment For The Kids

Give your children a great treat by getting a variety of residential playground equipment that they can use to play with in the nodular home backyard and generally have a good time. These can keep them busy letting them enjoy outdoors either with friends or with family. The market is flooded with numerous items that you can purchase allowing you to choose the ones you feel work best for the kids. You can compare different brands to get the best. Be sure to ensure that they are safe to avoid injury and that the items you choose are installed in the proper way. Some of the equipment you can get include:

Swing sets

These are exciting play equipment where the children can swing around and let their hair down as they move up and down. There are various options in the market where you can get one that is stand alone with one seat or one that comes with multiple seats to hold many children at the same time. One of the best products when it comes to this is the Gorilla PlaySets Congo Swing Station (http://is.gd/fXLsif). It goes for $649 and is great for the whole family. It comes with the required hardware and manual to ensure you have utmost fun with it.

Zip lines (http://www.ziplinegear.com/category/complete-kits)

These are an excellent choice, if you are looking for something for some thrilling adventure. You can go for a basic one that is ideal for smaller children. Level 2 and 3 ziplines move at higher speeds and are usually higher above the ground thus extra caution is required where you might even need training to handle this in the proper way. You can get Complete Backyard Kits that come with hardware, cable, all the necessary gear and instruction manual for ease of use, durability, quality and safety. Here you can get the viper zip line kit that cost $239.95, viper deluxe zip line kit that for $ 399. 95, quicksilver zip line kit that costs $459.95 and sleadd phoenix zip line kit for $479.95

Play sets

These are an ideal choice for someone who is looking for equipment where kids can do more than one activity. This lets the kids have more fun as they engage in various activities using the same equipment. You can get one that offers a slide, swing, rock climbing and many more. One of the amazing options you have when it comes to this is the Gorilla Playsets Outing III Play set (http://is.gd/Ryoelg). It retails for $899. This is similar to a covered play fort, climbing rope& rock wall, 2 belt swings, wave slide, sandbox, trapeze and a safe entry ladder. It also has some added accessories that make it more interesting.


These are also a great option when you are looking for some outdoor fun. There are different varieties in the market where you can get some that are enclosed while others are open. There are also different sizes allowing you to choose the one that you are most comfortable with. One of the options you have is the Little Tikes 7” Trampoline (http://is.gd/oZ1QEF). This is vital if you want your kids to stay active. It comes with a safety enclosure combo that offers hours of bouncing pleasure. It also features a pad protector to avoid injury and goes for $299. 99.

Slide sets

You can also get slide sets that will keep the children happy having a good time and they slide down the piece of equipment. There are different sizes where you can choose the most appropriate ones depending on the age you are dealing with. You can get one that is stand alone or others that come in pairs to enhance the fun. One of the products you can get is a Zip Slide with Gizmo- 8” (http://is.gd/YAhwpe). This is appropriate for age groups 5- 12 years and goes for $6, 354.

Kid’s centers

These are another great option for anyone who is looking for incredible residential playground equipment. These normally have a variety of activities to ensure that the child does not get bored in any way. They are usually made in beautiful colors to attract the children’s attention to ensure they have a memorable time each time they set foot in the center. One of the options you can go out and purchase is the Kid Center 5 (http://is.gd/h1Pv9w). This offers ten exciting play events including numbers panel. Curve slide, dog foot entry steps, bird panels and many more. It is ideal for children who are between ages 2 to 5 and can hold around 22 children without a problem. You can request a catalog from the store that sells the kid center to get the price of the product.

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