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Shower Shelf Inserts - Some Ideas

When looking for an appropriate bathroom shelf insert, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration. First and foremost, the insert must be functional and utilize the space accordingly. In many homes, the bathroom is usually not one of the most spacious rooms and it is therefore important to get an insert that maximizes the available space.

It is also important to get a stylish and sleek insert which helps accentuate the bathroom décor, an insert should add some elegance and style to the overall look. Avoid buying dull colored or poorly finished inserts. When dealing with glass inserts, they should be stable once installed and have blunt edges for safety reasons. Make sure you don’t exceed the suggested weight limits which are usually provided for every insert.

When getting an insert, make sure you choose inserts which are easy to install and maintain. The installation process is very important because a poorly installed or fixed insert is not only a safety risk but may also damage other bathroom fixtures.

Here are some of the shower shelf inserts which are readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Floating Shelf

Product Price: $ 16.46

Product URL:

Product Details: this shelf insert is used to create a shelf in the shower Niches measuring 14” by 18” and 14” by 14”. It does create some valuable space which can be used to store a wide array of products in the bathroom. For the best results, it should be installed during the installation of a regular recess fit. This particular shelf is also easy to clean and therefore maintain. It does add some sense and feel of elegance into any bathroom where it is used. It is easy to install or fix and quite sleek.

2) Product Name: Straight Glass Shelf With 2 inch Rectangle Clamps

Product Price: $ 48.90

Product URL:

Product Details: has a recommended weight capacity of 40lbs, it comes highly recommended for shelves measuring 4 � inches deep. This particular shelf bracket is readily available in chrome and brushed nickel finish. It is made from a 3/8” thick, clear tempered glass with blunted touch corners for ultimate security as well as blunted touch corners. It has the finest quality water resistant finish on clamps, giving the glass shelf a unique and sleek look that’s very difficult to achieve or imitate. The glass shelf is very easy to install and one does not need to engage the services of a professional. It is sturdy, solid and uses space quite effectively.

3) Product Name: Kohler Loure Bathroom Shelf

Product Price: $ 378.71

Product URL:

Product Details: Loure does offer very thoughtful and versatile accessories. This hotelier does feature a shelf of four rods, providing users with the ideal place to attractively display a wide array of multiple towels. It does coordinate with contemporary fixture and faucet collections. It is constructed from premium metal for maximum reliability and durability. It does include a template for easy and hassle free installation and does have a brushed nickel finish.

4) Product Name: Moen Sage Glass Bath Shelf (Brushed Nickel)

Product Price: $ 53.60

Product URL:

Product Details: this does give an elegant finishing touch to any bathroom. The glass bath shelf in brushed nickel does feature a tempered glass construction for both durability and strength. It is a spot resist glass and therefore will not show finger prints of have water spots remaining there all day long. It is a wall mount design insert which can hold up to a maximum of 30lbs. it is quite easy to install and is sold with the required hardware. Measuring a height of four inches, a width of 25.38 inches and with a product depth of 6 inches, this rectangular shaped glass shelf is a beautiful addition to any bathroom and does not need any professional input for installation.

5) Product Name: Zenith Shower Caddy (Chrome)

Product Price: $ 16.96

Product URL:

Product Details: this shower caddy does feature four adjustable suction cups for that extra adhesion. The deep basket design of the caddy comes in quite handy as it makes it possible to hold large and out of shape bathroom items quite securely. With rust resistant construction, this caddy is both durable and safe to use. It has a chrome finish and has an overall height of 10.13 inches an overall width of 4.63 inches and an overall depth of 23 inches. This is without doubt a beautiful and sleek addition to any bathroom shelf. It is easy to install and does not require any special or professional attention during the installation process.

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