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Stairway Hardware For Your Repair Or Replacement Needs

The hardware of each and every staircase should and must be considered carefully so as to suit the overall design of the home. The stair hardware does depend on the overall size of the home, the cost and overall preference of the homeowner. Even though many homeowners still prefer wooden stairways, there are those who are changing this and are currently using stainless steel. This is because stainless steel is much more durable than the wooden option and is also resistant to stains, corrosion and rust. They are also resistant to termite and quite cost effective.

Wooden stairways on the other side still do offer an old fashioned and relatively elegant appeal and look to the home which is bound to amaze visitors and guests in equal measure. The hardware used to build the staircase notwithstanding, it is important to make sure that the overall safety of the users is not compromised at any given time. It is therefore important to take extra care when choosing the materials to be used on the staircase.

A Staircase is made up very many parts which are either made from various metals such as iron, steel, aluminum or made from wood. This includes parts such as newels, balusters, handrails, treads, moldings, stair brackets and skirt boards.

Here are some of the popular stairway hardware readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Water hog Stair Treads (Set of 4)

Product Price: $ 60.00

Product URL:

Product Detail: it is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. They have thick fibers which can be used to scrap way any dirt and some thin fibers which can be used for absorbing water. They also dry pretty fast and can stand up to mildew, fading and shedding. They are naturally stain resistant and are very easy to clean: you can easily hose it off, sweep it or just vacuum it. Depending on the finish and surface of the steps, tacks or solvent free adhesives can be used to secure the tread. Has dimensions of 8 � by 30.

2) Product Name: Rubber Stair Nosing (Roppe)

Product Price: $ 53.59

Product URL:

Product Detail: this nosing does bring a really professional finish to any hard surface, be it tile, stone, or wood. It also does provide some protection from falls and slips. This is particularly perfect for both residential and commercial applications in instances where non-slip protection is very important. It does contain ten percent natural rubber and comes in thirty colors and six designs. The ribbed design does provide additional traction and non slip grip.

3) Product Name: Returned End Handrail

Product Price: $ 184.29

Product URL:

Product Detail: this returned end handrail has attached end fittings on both ends, it is therefore important to use the handrail brackets to attach a wall. The handrail is 2 5/8 at its very widest point and measures 2 � inches at the tallest point. It is elegantly detailed and the proportions are perfect and the looks superb in any home. These handrails are well crafted using very advanced machinery and are built to the highest standards. They are also available with matching handrail brackets and are available in over thirty different wood species.

4) Product Name: Pin Top Wood Balusters (Red Oak)

Product Price: $ 5.20

Product URL:

Product Detail: wood balusters are also known as spindles: they support the hand railings of any staircase and are also available in over thirty different wood species. These are generally used to provide both safety and beauty on any stairway project: they serve as guiderails and barriers. These ones are also quite ideal for both exterior and interior applications. This particular baluster is well patterned and fashioned, making it quite attractive on the stair way. This is a 1 ¼ tapered pin top baluster that looks quite great in virtually any newel series. It is available in Red oak, Brazilian Cherry, Pine and Hickory amongst a long list of others.

5) Product Name: Long Block Twist Newel (3 1/4)

Product Price: $ 104.99

Product URL:

Product Detail: there are basically two types of newels, box and turned. Turned newels are made from solid wood which can be milled or turned into a decorative profile. Box newels are made from hollow wooden boxes and have a wooden cap that’s molded at the top. The twist newel has a very attractive design, allowing the staircase to show some craftsmanship.

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